What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is considered one of the most effective forms of martial arts and self defense in the world. It is a kickboxing sport, which utilizes 8 points of contact: Hands, feet, knees, and and elbows. Thai fighters are known for their devastating knee and elbow strikes, and the Muay Thai kick is renown for being the most powerful kick among all of the martial arts.

Muay Thai
is an ancient sport from Thailand, originating as a battlefield art. It has been made famous in the Western world during modern times through the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Full contact MMA fighters and self-defense practitioners of all types now make Muay Thai Kickboxing an essential part of their training regimen.

Malaipet and Richard Fenwik
World Championship Muay Thai
Las Vegas Hilton Showroom on July, 25 2009.


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